iTV? Bring it.

Asher Moses, The Sydney Morning Herald, in an interview with Samsung Australia’s director of audio-visual Philip Newton:

When Steve Jobs talked about he’s ‘cracked it’, he’s talking about connectivity – so we’ve had that in the market already for 12 months, it’s nothing new, it was new for them because they didn’t play in the space. It’s old news as far as the traditional players are concerned and we have broadened that with … things like voice control and touch control; the remote control for these TVs has a touch pad.

This might be the most naive thing I’ve heard coming out of CES. Connectivity, yes, but not in the traditional sense. iTV will connect us to what we want to watch, when we want to watch it, without tangling us in a mess of remote controls, set top boxes, and user interfaces. When iTV comes out I’m gonna guess everyone, I mean everyone, will wonder why no one had thought of it before and why it’s taken so long. And these ‘smart’ TVs will be exposed for what they really are: pretentious.