Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13

Jarred Walton, AnandTech:

Things get even better from there, as not only do you get a touchscreen, but it uses an IPS panel. Hallelujah! The panel looks great with very wide viewing angles, and it needs them because the hinge will allow the display to swing open 360 degrees and you can convert the Yoga 13 into a tablet. Once the display gets beyond ~180 degrees, the keyboard shuts off and you can hold the unit and interact with it like any other tablet, and the soft-touch coating on the palm rest ensures that the system is easy to hold and it won’t slip or scratch if you place it on a table/desk in tablet mode.

If you flip back the screen wouldn’t that expose the keys on the other side? Sounds awkward to me. At least the display is IPS, a rare find on a notebook.