Samsung 55-inch Super OLED TV

The Verge: The LG Electronics 55-inch OLED TV uses a special type of OLED called WOLED. On the other hand, there’s nothing special about the 55-inch Super OLED TV by Samsung, except that it’s the real OLED deal. On sale in the second half of 2012.

Michael Crider, SlashGear:

Black levels are downright unbelievable – when the screen displays a centered image on a black background, it’s impossible to spot the bezel. Movement is fluid and graceful, even when the entire screen is filled with motion and eye-searing color.

Besides the ridiculously high price it will most likely demand, how is Samsung managing differential aging among the red, green, and blue? And what is the expected lifetime?

Update: Luke Westaway, CNET UK:

The company has told us we can expect to see the 55-inch ‘Super’ OLED TV around the spring, though there’s no exact date yet.

Update 2012.05.17: The Samsung 55-inch OLED TV now has a model number: ES9500. How brilliantly unmemorable. The ES9500 will be available in South Korea in the second half of this year. Unsurprisingly the price is stratospheric. Associated Press:

Samsung said the 55-inch TV using the ultra-thin display will be retailed at over 10 million won, or more than $9,000.

Update 2012.06.02: A birdie whispered to me the target price for Samsung’s 55-inch OLED TV at the end of the year: $2500. Samsung has converted its Gen 7 LCD capacity, probably from its now dissolved S-LCD joint venture with Sony, into OLED. If this is true, that would be the beginning of the end for other TV brands.