Siri on iPad 3

John Brownlee, Cult of Mac:

This is simply a common sense deduction, and we have no inside source saying so, but when the iPad 3 comes out in March or April, Siri will ship only on units that have a 3G connection or better. It’ll be a premium feature for buyers willing to shell out $130 more for the guarantee of an always-on internet connection. Buy a WiFi-only model and you’ll still get a quad-core, A6-controlled iPad 3 with a gorgeous Retina Display, but Siri will be totally MIA […]

Reasonable enough, but I think Siri will be available on all versions of the next iPad. I’ll go even further: Siri will also be on the next iPod touch if it gets the A5 CPU. It’s just a hunch. Apple wants as many people to use Siri, but only at a high quality of experience level. That seems like an A5 CPU requirement, not a 3G connection. Doesn’t Siri respond faster on a fast WiFi connection than on 3G?