Mou: The Missing Markdown Editor for Web Developers

Chen Luo:

When current available Markdown editors are almost all for general writers, Mou is different: It’s for web developers. Syntax highlighting, live preview, fullscreen mode, auto save, powerful actions, auto pair, incremental search, custom themes, HTML export, enhanced CJK characters support. I know, it’s exactly the app you want.

I’ve been fiddling with Mou for a few days and I like it. I’m not a web developer, but as an online content writer Mou might be just what I’ve been looking for.

One of the main benefits of Markdown is it lets you focus on writing while at the same time adding HTML elements. I find Markdown most helpful with lists and when I’m rereading my work for possible revisions. Reading with HTML code scattered all over the place is a visual chore; Markdown alleviates this problem. I’ve been trying to integrate Markdown into my workflow for quite some time with limited success.

TextWrangler is a decent solution. I have set it up so when I press a key combination, my work in Markdown is converted into HTML. I then copy the HTML and paste it into WordPress. This comes in handy when I want to create a quick list, but doesn’t give me the confidence to completely depend on it for writing posts. What TextWrangler lacks is instant preview. And that’s where Mou comes in.

Mou has a lot of features including custom themes and CSS, but the most important is instant preview. It has a calming effect and reassures me the Markdown code I’m typing into my writing looks the way I want it to. Mou and Markdown is a potent combination, minimizing distractions to help writers, general as well as web developers, focus on writing.