Supersizing ‘The Great Gatsby’

Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic:

I have never seen this party, but I am there. I don’t need need a naked literalism to make me feel it. The point here is not that The Great Gatsby couldn’t be adapted into a great film, but I’m skeptical that 3-D, that “more,” is an essential tool in making that happen.

Think of the experience of watching The Great Gatsby in 3D. The first thing that will get in the way of making you feel like you’re there will be the uncomfortable 3D glasses you’ll be wearing. I wear eyeglasses so it would be doubly uncomfortable. Then as the movie starts to get interesting your eyes will get tired from the 3D effect. You will no doubt take the glasses off, rub your eyes, put them back on and try to enjoy the show until the end. Now what about this experience is more?