The Focus On The User “Don’t Be Evil” Bookmarklet

via John Gruber. This is what the “don’t be evil” bookmarklet does:

It looks at the three places where Google only shows Google+ results and then automatically googles Google to see if Google finds a result more relevant than Google+.

Danny Sullivan thoroughly explains how it works. And John Battelle explains the motivation behind it. I have been diligently working at switching away from all Google services, and this was the motivation I needed to complete my switch away Google.

I have been forwarding emails sent to my address to my address. Eventually I will be able to shut down my address. The last holdout has been searching on Google. I initially tried Bing, but I have continued to use Google to search assuming it returned the most relevant results, but ever since hearing of Google’s uncompetitive behavior I am giving Bing another go. Ben Brooks is suggesting DuckDuckGo.