Next iPhone With Lytro Technology?

Chris Foresman, Ars Technica:

Jobs apparently wanted to improve the camera in a way that would change users’ expectations of photography, and he believed Lytro’s light field capture could do just that. At Jobs’ behest, Ng flew out to Palo Alto to meet with Jobs and discuss cameras. Ng then agreed to send Jobs an e-mail detailing multiple ways Lytro could work with Apple on future products.

Mmm, sounds good. Capture (iTunes affiliate link) is a video camera that starts capturing video the moment it’s launched. It’s very helpful when you want to capture that moment you know won’t last too long. What I would like in a Lytro-enabled iPhone is something like Capture: Once launched immediately begin capturing 1080p video at 60fps. And when I’m done I go through the ‘video’ and pick out the photos I want to save, photos I can selectively focus. Of course, the video itself would be selectively focusable too.

Update: PCWorld’s Tim Moynihan asks about licensing to Lytro executive chairman Charles Chi:

If we were to apply the technology in smartphones, that ecosystem is, of course, very complex, with some very large players there. It’s an industry that’s very different and driven based on operational excellence. For us to compete in there, we’d have to be a very different kind of company. So if we were to enter that space, it would definitely be through a partnership and a codevelopment of the technology, and ultimately some kind of licensing with the appropriate partner.