Strategy Analytics: Apple Still Owns Tablet Market, But Android Narrows The Gap

Amar Toor, Engadget:

Android, in fact, has seen quite a jump over the past year, with total shipments reaching 10.5 million units during the last quarter, up from just 3.1 million last year (Apple, by comparison, shipped 15.4 million iPads during Q4, versus the 7.3 million it shipped last year).

Here we go again. Shipments versus sales. Apple sells, the rest of the industry ships, into the channel, into that big black hole called channel inventory. I wouldn’t be surprised if 20% of that 10.5 million units are sitting around collecting dust. Market research companies should start making the distinction, but I don’t see it happening since getting channel inventory numbers or point of sale numbers on a global basis is next to impossible.