Sponsor: Gridbooks – By designers, for designers

My thanks to Gridbooks for sponsoring DisplayBlog. Designing an ad that stands out from the noise in this day and age can be difficult. It all starts with an idea and before that idea can be seen it should be conceived on paper. As a digital artist, it is your job to create something that gets noticed and Gridbooks will help you create your best.

Gridbooks’ featured product – The Adbook – utilizes a fifteen point dot grid that divides into two, four, or six columns. It comes equipped with all standard templates for web ads, as well as space for notes and sketches. With such a versatile book, you are able to cater to the needs of your client – no matter how big or small. Adding to the flexibility, the AdBook features a unique ambidextrous design that allows left-handed users to sketch without crossing the coil. If coils are not your thing, then turn to the AdBook’s smaller sibling – the AdPad, which features the same grid layout, sans coil.

Distinguished designers need to execute their work both creatively and efficiently, and Gridbooks is a tool that will enhance their design process. Sizing, sketching, and storyboarding has never been easier – made by designers, for designers. Whether you are a digital designer looking to make the most out of your ideas or an advertising art director in dire need of some organization, Gridbooks are an amazing way to help you take your work from concept to reality.

Quality design requires quality tools: Gridbooks.