Kiko House: Why Architects / Interior Designers Need Display Geeks

It looks like the empty space next to the sliding doors is for an entertainment center with the big space earmarked for a big TV. And that’s the problem. It doesn’t matter whether the TV is LCD, plasma, or OLED.

Part of Kiko House designed by Alfredo Resende Arquitectos this living space on level 0 is small yet open. But, the experience of watching TV isn’t very good in a bright ambient environment, especially when directly hit by outside light. Often there are reflections and glare. Brightness suffers and with that contrast. That’s why videophiles have dark rooms or rooms that can easily be darkened with thick curtains.

According to the floor plan there is a wall to the right of the sliding doors. In terms of creating an environment for a better TV viewing experience that might have been a better location for the entertainment center.