Integrated Product Development

via Jason Kottke. Apple II design consultant, Jerry Manock:

The whole basis of the class I’ve taught at UVM for 21 years is … integrated product development, which means concurrently looking at all of these things: the aesthetics, the engineering, the marketing … which is what we were doing at Apple. Not necessarily purposefully, but everybody was just thrown together… I would walk through the software place and look around and see what people were doing … walk through the marketing area. I had my drawings all on the walls, so anybody could come up. There was a red pencil hanging there. I’d say, “If you see something you don’t like, or is a problem — I don’t care whether it’s a janitor or Steve — write the correction, circle it, put your phone there and I’ll call you and we’ll talk about it.”

The difference is back then integrated product development just happened, now it is purposefully happening. And about Manock’s drawings on the wall and the red pencil: I think Steve’s style was to correct verbally right then and there.