The LG Google TV Experience

Jason Inofuentes, AnandTech:

The new interface retains the three column format we saw in the earlier designs, though there’s a higher density of shown content. The content panel is smaller, making room for advertising space in the area below it. The middle column remains reserved for featured content, though the content will be targeted based on your device, so on this 3D set, the features were 3D tech demos. The third panel is now labeled Bookmarks, and to this section the user can pin nearly anything, from stored content and apps, to websites and stations. New panels populate additional screens with the left most screen always serving as the primary home screen. Those panels could include a Recent Apps panel, Settings, and perhaps widgets featuring live updated content. The arrangement seems very familiar to any Android user that’s spent time organizing their home screens.

This is not my idea of a good TV viewing experience.