Nude Makeup

Image from Vogue UK. Marina Esmeraldo:

Natural-looking, or “nude” make-up (as opposed to non-existant) often consists of a neutral color palette of taupes and browns and a flawless skin-base. For recent Spring/Summer 2012 fashion shows at Proenza Schouler, Missoni and Peter Pilotto, the make-up artists even dismissed the use of mascara for women’s eyelashes, leaving the eyes bare.

I am a minimalist in training. I believe by striping away everything superflous you get to the bare, pure thing. I like simple designs as you can see from this WordPress theme I wrote from the ground up. The purpose of DisplayBlog is to share what I think is good; if something gets in the way of that I’ll take it off.

I almost never write about makeup, but I thought this trend toward nude makeup warranted a mention because I have long preferred women express their natural beauty with as little makeup as possible. This trend connects well with my minimalistic leanings. I hope it lasts.