Become A Publisher

J. D. Bentley:

I’m greatly dis­ap­pointed that the web allows medi­oc­rity to be so eas­ily dis­trib­uted, but I should not over­look the fact that it also offers this cheap, world­wide dis­tri­b­u­tion to the thought­ful and the tal­ented. If you work hard to learn a craft and even harder to mas­ter it, if you put great thought into what you say and who you want to say it to, then there’s no bet­ter place to be pub­lished than on a web­site you your­self own.

I am not so disappointed nor do I care all that much about mediocrity online. When I bump into them I make sure I don’t again. This doesn’t happen all that much because most of my reading is through a RSS list filled with what I want to read. I get introduced to other sites by the folks I read so I’m quite safe from bumping into mediocrity on a regular basis, as long as I don’t read my own stuff.

I might not be a normal writer. Actually I’m pretty sure I’m not. Writing alone is not my passion. When I look at DisplayBlog I want it to exude a certain something. The writing, the photos, the WordPress theme—all of these need to work together so it gives me a certain feeling. And absolutely integral to this is the content; content determines how DisplayBlog feels to me. That’s why “written and produced by” at the end of this blog is more accurate than just “written by”.

The only way to make this happen is to control the entire experience. I could start a magazine, but that’s not financially realistic at all. The easiest and most affordable way is to own your own website and start writing and producing.