Books That Are Never Done

Nicholas Carr writing for The New York Times:

An e-book, I realized, is far different from an old-fashioned printed one. The words in the latter stay put. In the former, the words can keep changing, at the whim of the author or anyone else with access to the source file. The endless malleability of digital writing promises to overturn a whole lot of our assumptions about publishing.

I guess we should expect e-books to behave more like Wikis where content can be updated at any time, by a single author or a collaboration of multiple authors. In the future the currently accepted practice of publishing newly revised versions will most likely go the way of the dodo since the e-book you have will constantly be updated with new information. I don’t think I’d mind as long as the revised portions of the text is clearly marked. Kind of unnerving if you ask me; I like the solid, definitive feel of a printed book.