Mark Robertson:

There is a yes in the consumerist ideology: it is a yes the creation of goods from the earth and the consumption of those goods. The no! is the perversion of these goods, when, like tea steeped too long in the mug, becomes pungent, bitter, rotten, and stains the consiousness. The YES is to the longing in our creation and consumption: we long to appropriate our talents to create value; we long to affirm the creations of others. The old cobbler appeciates the old fishmonger because both can provide value to the other. In the perfect City, there is friendship in the interaction of creation and consumption. Without healthy longing, we are lost in the maze of give and get and binge and purge.

I’ve had my share of those teas!

I have for a very long time longed to be good at making something with my hands. It can’t be rugged things though. Becoming a knife maker sounds so cool to me, but I know it isn’t for me. You see I’ve been born with sensitive skin. Yes, I know, how wimpy.

When I shovel, even for a few minutes, I get a blister. Many terrible things happened when I was serving in the Korean Army, but one thing related to sensitive skin was that after a brutal 100-km hike with a 50-kg backpack I had to pull off an entire layer of skin from the bottom of my feet.

Later on in life with much reluctance I accepted the fate that I would not be doing much, things that require much physical exertion, with my hands or feet. That’s one of the reasons why work on a computer suits me so well. So I wonder if my work writing and producing on a computer as I do now is creating value, and as I create and friends consume is building deep long-lasting friendships.