Pride Goes Before Destruction

via John Gruber. Sarah Jane Tribble and Dean Takahashi, San Jose Mercury News:

Responding to questions from New York Times correspondent John Markoff at a Churchill Club breakfast gathering Thursday morning, Colligan laughed off the idea that any company — including the wildly popular Apple Computer — could easily win customers in the finicky smart-phone sector.

“We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone,” he said. “PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.”

This was in November 2006. It turns out Apple isn’t a regular PC guy, a decent phone wasn’t good enough, and Palm is history.

via Brian Ford, Newsvine. AV product manager at Samsung, Chris Moseley:

We’ve not seen what they’ve done but what we can say is that they don’t have 10,000 people in R&D in the vision category. They don’t have the best scaling engine in the world and they don’t have world renowned picture quality that has been awarded more than anyone else. TVs are ultimately about picture quality. Ultimately. How smart they are…great, but let’s face it that’s a secondary consideration. The ultimate is about picture quality and there is no way that anyone, new or old, can come along this year or next year and beat us on picture quality. So, from that perspective, it’s not a great concern but it remains to be seen what they’re going to come out with, if anything.

This was today. Samsung is a much bigger company than Palm ever was, but I sense pride. And keep in mind IPS, a wide viewing angle LCD technology, is used by Apple for its iPhone, iPad, iMacs, and monitors, not Samsung’s PVA.

Note: Samsung’s PLS, an FFS/IPS derivative, was likely developed to meet Apple’s stringent demands for display performance.