Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0)

Amar Toor, Engadget:

Available in both 3G and WiFi varieties, this redux doesn’t mark a huge departure from its predecessor, packing a 1GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and a 1024 x 600 LCD. The big changes, however, come in the software department, with the Galaxy Tab 2 shipping with Android 4.0 straight out of the box.

Apple just sued Samsung for its Galaxy Nexus, an Ice Cream Sandwich device. Wouldn’t be surprised if Apple went after the Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0), too.

The 1024×600 pixel format seems weak; I was expecting new 7-inch tablets to shift to 1280×800 in light of the larger 10-inch versions moving to 1920×1080. If Apple comes out with an iPad 3 with a Retina display and drops the price of the iPad 2, I’m fairly certain this Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) will have a hard time competing.

Update 2012.04.11: David Pierce, The Verge:

As with the 7.0 Plus, the Tab 2’s screen is bright and has good viewing angles, and is quite responsive. It’s also astoudingly prone to glare and fingerprints, text has some jagged edges, and small text is pretty much unreadable. It’s basically a market-average display, certainly no worse than most tablets, but now that my eyes have seen the iPad’s Retina display and the 7.7’s AMOLED, it’s a little hard to get excited about the Tab 2’s screen.

Not terrible for a US$249.99 tablet.