Gartner: Worldwide Smartphone Sales in Q4’11

Gartner: Worldwide smartphone sales increased 47.3% Y/Y to 149 million units in Q4’11. Gartner specifically mentions smartphone sales to end users (not shipments into the channel), but I don’t think it’s possible to capture that information on a worldwide basis. We buy smartphones from brick-and-mortar retailers like Best Buy, from online stores like Amazon, and from carriers like AT&T. There is no market research company that tracks retail point of sale (POS) data on a global basis. So take this bit of info from Gartner with a grain of salt because most likely these numbers are the result of some data and a lot of tinkering with it.

Rank. Brand: Q4’10 units (share) → Q4’11 Units (share), Y/Y growth:

  1. Nokia: 122M (27.1%) → 112M (23.4%), -8%
  2. Samsung: 79M (17.5%) → 93M (19.4%), +18%
  3. Apple: 16M (3.5%) → 35M (7.4%), +119%

For the top three the overall trend seems to be: Nokia is still number one but it is declining. Samsung’s double-digit growth is solid and it’s just a matter of time, maybe just a single quarter, before taking the crown away from Nokia. And then there’s Apple: iPhone sales more than doubled.