Mac OS X → OS X, Why?

Mike Elgan:

So why did Apple take the “Mac” out of “OS X”? I think it’s clear that the operating system will soon be making its appearance on hardware products that do not have the “Mac” branding.

Changing a name does not always foretell something is about to happen. The iPhone OS to iOS name change did end up being a precursor to the iPad, but Apple changed its name from Apple Computer, Inc. to Apple, Inc. long after the success of the iPod. So why did Apple change the name of its operating system from Mac OS X to OS X? It was redundant. Know of any Macs Apple currently sells that don’t run OS X? Why have Mac in front OS X when OS X always means its running on a Mac. And OS X is simply simpler.

If an iTV is in the works it’d probably run iOS, not OS X.