J. D. Bentley:

Attempting to remove the vast amounts of worthless entertainment and information from my routine is part of this journey to right-being.

A few days ago I finished reading The Information Diet by Clay Johnson (iTunes affiliate link). One of the most important understandings I got out of the book is that information changes the brain, physiologically changes the brain. On page 48:

Cognitive processing does, however, cause physiological changes just like our food does—only not in the same way. Up until a few years ago, it was thought that the human brain became fixed at some point during early childhood. Now science has shown that this isn’t the case; our brains constantly adapt and change their physiological structure. Every time we learn something (according to neuroscientists), it results in a physiological change in the brain.

The quality of information we consume impacts the quality of our brain. You’ve heard of the term “garbage in, garbage out”, right? Works for computers, but when applied to our brain garbage in turns our brain into garbage.