“We have Vimeo, and we don’t have YouTube.”

via John Gruber. Stuart Miles, Pocket-lint:

Most interesting of the three is the inclusion of Vimeo over YouTube, a choice that is bound to give the professional video-sharing site a boost in awareness and audience numbers, but also leave users wondering why no Google support from day one?

When asked why there was no YouTube support at the moment in the developer preview, Apple told Pocket-lint: “We have Vimeo, and we don’t have YouTube.”

Going forward, if there is a strong alternative to Google’s service, Apple will go with the alternative. I expect this to apply to both OS X and iOS. As for Vimeo v. YouTube, I prefer the cleaner look of Vimeo embeds. The new iOS-friendly embed code makes it even better. And most importantly the type and quality of videos on Vimeo are superior.