The SprintTV App for iPhones on Sprint


Sprint customers with iPhone can now watch free live TV and video-on-demand with the Sprint TV App, available now on the App Store. The Sprint TV App, powered by MobiTV, includes free live news and sports, along with shows from popular content brands such as ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, The Disney Channel, MTV, Comedy Central and more.

Sprint TV comes in four flavors with the free version included with unlimited data plans. This is a smart move by Sprint because it is the only carrier in the U.S. that could offer something like this. Video streams eat up bandwidth and Sprint is the only U.S. carrier that offers truly unlimited data plans. If Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile tried to offer a similar mobile TV service you’re connection will either get throttled making the mobile TV experience excruciatingly painful or you’ll be paying an insane amount of overage charges.