AT&T Threatens iPhone User

Associated PressMarguerite Reardon, CNET:

Last week AT&T sent a letter to Matthew Spaccarelli, a 39 year-old truck driver from Simi Valley, Calif., who sued AT&T and won his small claims case against the company last month. In the letter, AT&T didn’t say whether it would offer him more money. But the company threatened to shut off his service if he didn’t sit down and talk with them.

Looks like a threat to retaliate on AT&T’s part. Drag ’em back to court.

Update 2012.03.17: Peter Svensson, Associated Press:

AT&T Inc. on Friday gave up on appealing an $850 award won by an iPhone user in small claims court, and sent him a check.

I don’t expect Spaccarelli will be the last one to receive a US$850 award by suing AT&T.