2011 TV Shipments Fall After Six Consecutive Years of Growth

NPD DisplaySearch:

In 2011 worldwide TV shipments fell for the first time since NPD DisplaySearch began tracking global TV shipments in 2004, slipping 0.3% to 247.7M units.

Bear in mind these are shipments as in shipments into the channel. There are a couple of ways to look at this. One, the supply / distribution channel is becoming more just-in-time. Brands no longer have to stuff the channel as much as before so overall shipments shrinks without necessarily having a negative impact on sales to customers. Or brands waited for inventory levels to fall way below normal levels to ship more TVs into the channel because TV demand expectations were uncertain due to global economic woes. Two, maybe brands are focusing on larger more expensive TVs and on profits instead of manufacturing lots of crappy, cheap ones.

What I’d like to know is not TV shipments into the channel but TV sales to customers. How did that go in 2011?