You Wish Your iPhone Display Was Bigger?

John Paczkowski, AllThingsD:

Research outfit Strategy Analytics recently surveyed smartphone owners in the U.S. and Britain and found that the vast majority of them preferred handsets with large screens. Offered a choice between their current smartphone and one with a bigger display, almost 90 percent of the consumers Strategy Analytics surveyed opted for the latter.

Here’s what I’m interested in: What were the biometrics for these guys and gals who were surveyed in the U.S. and Britain? Were these folks big? Small? With big hands? Tend to like newer, shinier, bigger things because they are newer, shinier, and bigger? How would the guys and gals in say, I don’t know, Asia (China, Japan, South Korea) respond? I’m guessing quite differently. And what Asian iPhone users say matter, more.

But it really doesn’t matter what anyone in Asia, Europe, or North America says. (Well, except for Jonathan Ives.) Look at the original iPhone, the 3G / 3GS, and the 4 / 4S. A lot has changed since 2007, but a lot hasn’t. One of the things that hasn’t changed is the 3.5-inch display. Why? Apple believes it is the optimum display size for the iPhone. And the funny thing is millions upon millions go out and buy an iPhone—an iPhone just the way it is, with a 3.5-inch display.