Philippe Starck Working on Revolutionary Apple Product


“Indeed, we have a big project together that will be out in eight months,” Starck told France Info radio, declining to comment further because of what he called California-based Apple’s “secrecy cult”.

The 63-year-old designer did however say that the project was “fairly, if not very, revolutionary”.

Revolutionary. That seems to imply it’s not a new iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Mac. What could it be? A TV perhaps?

Update 2012.04.13: Nope, no TV. The answer according to John Paczkowski, AllThingsD:

Prior to his death, Apple CEO Steve Jobs was working with Starck on a yacht. And this is very likely the “fairly, if not very, revolutionary” project he was talking about. To be built by luxury superyacht builder Feadship, the yacht is believed to have a very minimalist and sleek design with a main feature being 40 foot long glass walls. And Starck has been involved in its design.

It’s not an Apple product; it’s a Steve Jobs product.