Act II. The Wilderness Years

Brent Schlender, Fast Company:

Indeed, what at first glance seems like more wandering for the barefoot hippie who dropped out of Reed College to hitchhike around India, is in truth the equivalent of Steve Jobs attending business school. In other words, he grew. By leaps and bounds. In every aspect of his being. With a little massaging, this middle act could even be the plotline for a Pixar movie. It certainly fits the simple mantra John Lasseter ascribes to all the studio’s successes, from Toy Story to Up: “It’s gotta be about how the main character changes for the better.”

Schlender found recordings of his interviews with Steve Jobs from 1985 to 1996. I’ll share two quotes I thought were most insightful from this long but must-read article. Steve Jobs on forging a great partnership:

One way to drive fear out of a relationship is to realize that your partner’s values are the same as yours, that what you care about is exactly what they care about. In my opinion, that drives fear out and makes for a great partnership, whether it’s a corporate partnership or a marriage.

And here’s one about Steve Jobs himself:

At his memorial service, Laurene remarked that what struck her most upon really getting to know him was his “fully formed aesthetic sense.” He knew exactly what he liked, and he analyzed it until he could tell you precisely why.