iPad Retina Display Perfect for VNC

Andy Ihnatko:

The second thing was the arrival of the third-gen iPad. Dammit, this is a sweet display. I expected that the Big Win of the Retina display would be crisper text and sharper graphics. Naw. It turns out that the 2,048 x 1,536 screen opens up the iPad to new functions that it couldn’t really handle very well. VNC sits at the top of that list. VNC was a bit clumsy on the iPad 1 and 2. On the new iPad, it’s damned-near perfect. The iPad’s display exceeds the resolution of your MacBook back home, and the LTE mobile broadband dramatically reduces the range of situations under which you won’t have a decent internet connection.

Aside from a few high-end monitors like the IBM T210 there are few with more pixels than the 2048×1536 Retina display on the iPad (3). The realization that we get this many pixels on a 9.7-inch LCD is amazing. But wouldn’t the tiny menu items and icons be difficult if not impossible to point-and-click with our fingers? Usability would be nightmarish. I’m not closed to the idea of using the iPad (3) like a traditional keyboard/mouse-based desktop/notebook replacement when running VNC, but I’d need something like the Magic Trackpad to work on the iPad (3).