More Than Half of Verizon Smartphones Sold in Q1’12 Were iPhones

John Paczkowski, AllThingsD:

Apple’s iPhone continues to sell well at Verizon, though not quite as well as last quarter. Reporting first-quarter earnings largely in line with expectations this morning, Verizon said it sold 6.3 million smartphones. Of those, 3.2 million were iPhones.

Now I understand why, if true, Verizon wants to support building a strong third platform.

Update 2012.06.04: Horace Dediu:

The concern has to be that rather than seeing the net adds growing–as they have for two years with only two contiguous months of decline–Android net adds have been falling for four months.

Eyeballing the last chart in Dediu’s article it looks like Windows Phone experienced the most net user gains since, well, quite a while. I wonder if carriers like Verizon is focused on pushing more Windows Phone.