Thin vs. Battery Life

Chris Ziegler, The Verge:

At an event today, HTC’s vice president of product strategy Bjorn Kilburn noted that the company had conducted research last year to find out whether customers preferred thin smartphones to those which compromised thickness for better battery life. The answer, interestingly, was that they generally preferred thinness, at which point its plans for 3,000mAh-plus devices were removed from the roadmap.

Android smartphones are big. There are two good reasons. One is the assumption that a bigger display on a smartphone is better than a smaller one. Two is linked to one: With a bigger display you can integrate a bigger (not thicker) battery. Brilliant actually. As long as you don’t mind really big Android smartphones you get both: thin and battery life. If I had to choose between a thinner smartphone versus a smartphone with equal or better battery life I would choose the later, every time.