David Pierce, The Verge:

More than once, I found myself just sort of staring at the Evo’s 4.7-inch display, for no particular reason. It’s the best display I’ve ever seen on a smartphone by a long shot, and one of the best screens I’ve ever looked at, period. It has nearly 180-degree viewing angles, and the most accurate color reproduction I’ve seen — many displays give off a slightly warm color temperature or are too high-contrast, but the Evo’s display is exactly right. At 720p it’s so high-res that I can’t make out individual pixels, and in general it’s far superior to the PenTile display on the Galaxy Nexus and many other smartphones.

The 4.7-inch 1280×720 LCD sports a resolution of 312.47 ppi. At normal usage distances of about 12 inches and assuming you have 20/20 vision pixels disappear at around the 300 ppi mark. Accurate color reproduction is not a subjective feature; we will need to wait for test results to assess whether or not the LCD has accurate colors. On the other hand color temperature is subjective. Folks who live in warm temperatures generally prefer colder display temperatures and vice versa. So what is exactly right depends on what you prefer. On the whole the LCD on the HTC EVO 4G LTE sounds pretty solid, but test results are needed to crown it the best.