MacBook Air-like MacBook Pro

Marco Arment:

To achieve the thinner case and reduce the weight, I’m curious to see if they finally removed the glass in front of the screen. On the current 15” design, the glass adds around 0.4 pounds over the matte option, and its extremely high reflectivity is problematic for a lot of people. If the new 15” offers a plastic-glossy screen instead, like the MacBook Air’s screen, that would save a lot of weight and be far less reflective for people (myself included) who don’t like glass screens.

I was under the impression almost all screens were made of glass. Reflectivity is not the result of the material being glass. Before glossy displays made of glass there were matte displays made of glass. This is my guess as to what Arment wants: The new 15-inch MacBook Pro with a non-glossy matte display without the cover glass. I’d like that too.