Built Not to Last?

Khoi Vinh:

To me, the most disappointing thing about this is that, as beautiful as objects in this mode can be, over time they inevitably begin to look worse than they did on the day they were purchased. Some objects look better when you use them more, but not Apple stuff.

I don’t know, I find this aged iPhone quite beautiful:

Unfortunately the touch display stopped working after only three years for this particular example. So maybe there is something to this not built to last theory, but I still use my iPhone purchased on June 29, 2007. I don’t use it as a smartphone, but as just a phone it’s probably the best there is. Another oldie is my mid-2009 17-inch MacBook Pro I use everyday as my main computer. The thing is a beauty to behold, still. Contrary to Vinh, I believe Apple has built beautiful products with designs that will last the test of time. Another great example of an enduring design is the original iPod.