Global LCD TV Shipments Fall for the First Time Ever in Q1’12

NPD DisplaySearch:

Worldwide TV shipments fell almost 8% Y/Y in Q1’12, the steepest rate of decline since Q2’09. Total TV shipments for the quarter were 51M units […] The biggest contributor to this decline was a slowdown in shipments of LCD TVs, which fell year-on-year for the first time in the history of the category, declining just over 3%, to 43M units.

What a title. Note the 43 million. That number represents shipments, shipments by LCD TV brands into the channel, not units sold to customers. It can’t be since no one knows that number.

And you have to suspend your disbelief and assume LCD TV brands have a clue as to what TV customers want. 3D TVs with glasses? Smart TVs with keyboards? LCD TV brands shipped 3% less in Q1’12 compared to Q1’11. Which means? Not much.

Despite the weak results on a unit basis, demand for larger sizes continues to grow. The market share for 40” and larger TVs increased from just under 31% a year ago to more than 37% in Q1’12 with total unit shipments for 40”+ rising 12% Y/Y.

How do you get from TV brands reporting shipments into the channel to commenting about demand? Would not a report on how many TVs were sold to customers on a worldwide basis need to come first to have an intelligent discussion about demand?