Unlocked iPhone 3GS with iOS 6

Marco Arment:

Maybe Apple went to the trouble of cramming iOS 6 into the 3GS not because it’s for sale now, but because it will continue to be for sale for another year. They can obviously produce them very cheaply by now. How low can they push that price?

With a contract the iPhone 3GS is already free, and I don’t see carriers giving money back to new two year subscribers. So if true, my guess is the iPhone 3GS will be unlocked and offered for US$149, priced as a low end iPod touch without the retina display, but with phone capabilities.

Update 2012.07.20: Élyse Betters, 9to5 Mac:

This corresponds with the global market pattern that has developed over the past few months, where the iPhone 3GS is trending toward $200 unsubsidized.

When the next iPhone (5) comes out I’d bet the price of an unlocked, unsubsidized iPhone 3GS will head toward $149, maybe even lower.