Canon EOS M

Andy Westlake, DPReview:

We’re not expecting any surprises in terms of image quality; Canon says the EOS M’s stills and video output will be identical to the EOS 650D, which means it should be a close match to anything else in its class.

Update 2012.11.09: Roger Cicala, PetaPixel:

I’m all about image quality above all other things. This camera gives me great, great image quality in an amazingly small package.

Will it replace an OM-D or SLR for my everyday shooting? Absolutly not: its AF is too slow and there aren’t many native lenses yet.

The EOS M is priced US$799.99. Even if Canon updated the firmware to improve AF speeds and reduced the price to $699.99, I wouldn’t be able to get over the ugly design.