E Ink Holdings To Buy SiPix Technology

E Ink:

E Ink Holdings, “E Ink”, the global leader in electronic paper and LCD technologies, today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to buy shares of SiPix Technology, Inc. (STI) and its wholly owned subsidiary SiPix Imaging, Inc. (SII), the maker of electronic paper displays. Established in 1999, SiPix, based in California and Taiwan, makes micro‐cup technology based electrophoretic displays.

This is significant because E Ink has now cornered the electrophoretic display (EPD) market. Paul Semenza, DisplaySearch:

Combined with Bridgestone’s exit from the electrophoretic display (EPD) business, this means that E Ink, the first company to mass produce EPD, will be the sole manufacturer of the technology. SiPix started out in Silicon Valley and later sold a large share to and entered into a strategic partnership with AUO, mirroring the evolution of E Ink from a start-up to integration into the former PVI.