IDC: Tablet Shipments in Q2’12

IDC: Vendor, worldwide tablet shipments, market share, Y/Y growth:

  1. Apple: 17.04M, 68.2%, +84.3%
  2. Samsung: 2.39M, 9.6%, +117.6%
  3. 1.25M, 5.0%, N/A
  4. ASUS: 0.86M, 3.4%, +115.5%
  5. Acer: 0.39M, 1.5%, -38.7%

Shipments into the channel (Samsung, ASUS, Acer) compared to units sold to the end user (Apple). (Amazon sells through distribution as well as to end users.) Should be two different reports. That being said, Apple dominates the tablet market, and the picture would be even more skewed if the numbers represented units sold to the end user instead of shipments into the channel.