South Korea Leads Average Internet Connection Speeds, Twice As Fast As U.S.

Kimber Streams, The Verge:

Globally, the US has risen from 13th to 12th place with an average of 6.7Mbps, but South Korea continues to rank first with a speed of 15.6Mbps […]

Sure, speed is important and it seems South Korea has got first place locked up for now. But there is one additional metric that is equally if not more important: cost. My father who lives in Seoul, South Korea enjoys a 100 Mbps connection and pays ₩20,000 (about US$18) per month. I live in Silicon Valley and the fastest I can get is 50 Mbps through Comcast, for $100 per month. That’s five times the cost for half the speed. In South Korea almost everyone can afford a 100-Mbps Internet connection; in the U.S. very few can, even if it was available.