13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica:

There may soon be a 13″ version of Apple’s new Retina MacBook Pro, at least if online benchmarks are to be believed. A machine purporting to be a 13″ Retina MacBook Pro recently appeared in the GeekBench online database—the second of such benchmarks to make an appearance in the last month. This time, however, the machine claims to be running a seed of OS X 10.8.1, which Apple has not yet released to the public or its developer community.

The 13.3-inch MacBook Pro sports a pixel format of 1280×800. A retina version would most likely be 2560×1600 with a 227 ppi resolution, higher than the 220-ppi 15-inch MacBook Pro with retina display.

Update 2012.08.26: Brooke Crothers, CNET:

Production has begun of a 2,560-by-1,600 pixel density display that will land on a 13.3-inch MacBook Pro, NPD DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim told CNET.

Rumor has it LG Display, Samsung, and Sharp will supply the 227-ppi 13.3-inch LCD. Production levels are expected to be much higher: up to two million for the 13.3-inch retina MacBook Pro versus a few hundred thousand for the 15.4-inch retina MacBook Pro. Like the larger 15.4 inch I expect the 13.3-inch retina LCD will be IPS.

Marco Arment:

While people accustomed to MacBook Airs probably think the 4.5-pound Retina is big and heavy, I’ve found it to be noticeably thinner and lighter compared to the previous 15” MacBook Pro. It no longer feels like a “big” laptop — few would argue if Apple just called it the 15” MacBook Air. Given this size reduction and the huge increase in power and usefulness over the MacBook Airs, I no longer wish that I was carrying a 13” Air instead: the Retina is small and light enough to alleviate that desire, especially knowing what I’m getting for the additional mass.

For people who need a bit more oomph and a lot more display this might change with a 13.3-inch retina MacBook Pro.