Sharp IGZO

9to5 Mac: Why is Sharp’s IGZO-based TFT LCDs better than a-Si TFT LCDs? Here are three reasons according to Sharp:

  1. Thinner Bezels: A typical 7-inch WXGA LCD in portrait orientation has a top bezel of 2.78 mm, a left bezel of 2.55 mm, and a right bezel of 4.7 mm. Sharp’s IGZO LCD has a 1.75 mm bezel all around.
  2. Lower Power Consumption: Sharp’s IGZO LCD consumes 10%-20% of the power a typical a-Si LCD consumes. Power savings come from improved light transmittance: At an equivalent brightness level the backlight need not consume as much power. And because of the improved electron mobility of IGZO compared to a-Si it takes less to drive the LCD panel itself.
  3. Precise Touch Operations: Compared to an a-Si LCD Sharp’s IGZO LCD has a lower level of background electrical interference or noise resulting in more precise touch operations.

It has taken a long time, but now Sharp expects volume production of IGZO LCDs to finally commence in Q4’12.