iPad (4)

Ars Technica: The iPad (4) is basically the same as the iPad (3) on the outside, except for the Lightning connector. But on the inside Apple changed out the brain for a better one. The iPad (4) is powered by a new A6X CPU. Samsung manufactures the 30% larger A6X using a 32nm process. Four GPU cores much larger than the cores in the A6 (SGX543MP4) take up almost all of the increased space. And those monster GPU cores make a big difference. Anand Lai Shimpi, AnandTech:

Ultimately it looks like the A6X is the SoC that the iPad needed to really deliver good gaming performance at its native resolution. I would not be surprised to see more game developers default to 2048 x 1536 on the new iPad rather than picking a lower resolution and enabling anti-aliasing. The bar has been set for this generation and we’ve seen what ARM’s latest GPU can do […]

When it comes to graphics intensive apps taking advantage of all 2048×1536 pixels the iPad (4) is roughly twice as fast as the iPad (3). That’s good, but if you have accumulated a lot of peripherals for your iPad ask yourself this question: Is twice the graphics performance worth the hassle and cost of having to replace all my 30-pin peripherals with Lightning ones? Me? I only have a seldom used Apple Bluetooth keyboard, but nah, I’m quite happy with my iPad (3). And it’s too soon.

PS: Forgot one thing. The front camera (640×480) has been upgraded to FaceTime HD (720p).