Jakob Nielsen on Windows 8 Usability

Jakob Nielsen:

I happen to think that Windows 7 is a good product and that Windows 8 is a misguided one.

I agree, the Windows 8 user experience can be extremely frustrating, but I disagree with Nielsen regarding information density:

Despite running on a huge 10.6-inch tablet, Bing Finance shows only a single story (plus 3 stock market quotes) on the initial screen. The Los Angeles Times is not much better: this newspaper app’s initial screen is limited to 3 headlines and an advertisement. In fact, they don’t even show the lead story’s full headline and the summary has room for only 7 words. Come on, this tiny amount of news is all you can fit into 1366 × 768 pixels?

I don’t care for websites with high information density; I usually hate them. Should I pack DisplayBlog with a bunch of menu items, links to dozens of other articles, all in the name of increasing information density? No. What I care for is high information relevance.

But on the whole Nielsen’s Windows 8 usability study is right on: Microsoft’s “One Windows, Everywhere.” strategy is misguided.