The Man Looking to Turn Samsung into a Silicon Valley Trendsetter

via The Verge. Samsung chief strategy officer Young Sohn, in an interview with Jessica Leber, MIT Technology Review:

Look at your phone [pointing to my Samsung Galaxy Nexus]. It’s a better phone, in my view. It’s a better display. It’s faster. But eventually the connected ecosystem is really critical.

Sohn uses a Mac, an iPhone, and an iPad at home. He doesn’t say which iPhone but let’s assume he’s got the latest and greatest: the iPhone 5.

If he truly believes a 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED with a PenTile Matrix 1280×720 logical pixel format is a better display than the 4-inch 326-ppi 1136×640 IPS LCD with RGB subpixels used in the iPhone 5, I am afraid Samsung’s technology strategy is already flawed. One big reason is resolution: The HD Super AMOLED doesn’t come close to 326 ppi.