Gartner Says 85 Percent of All Flat-Panel TVs Will Be Internet-Connected Smart TVs by 2016

Gartner: I’m amused when a market research firm like Gartner states what will happen in 2016. I’m willing to bet Gartner’s predictions 24 months or more into the future has less than a 10 percent accuracy. For example, Gartner predicted in 2011 that Microsoft would be selling 68 million smartphones in 2012. In Q3’12 Microsoft sold four million worldwide. Even if we assume sales double in Q4’12, Gartner’s prediction was more of a wild guess. Perhaps Gartner is better at predicting TV trends?

According to GfK, China has the highest smart TV penetration of 44 percent followed by South Korea (18 percent), and India (17 percent). I prefer “dumb TVs” but perhaps I’ll change my mind when/if Apples does its thing with TVs.