The Hobbit

Vincent Laforet:

In the opening hour of The Hobbit shown in 3D HFR – I don’t recall hearing a single sigh, or laugh. Not one. When I went to see the exact same seen with an audience of the same size on a 2D projection – I heard regular chuckles and laughter… why?

I watched The Hobbit in “IMAX 3D” at AMC Saratoga 14. There was nothing max about the experience. The screen was tiny and all 3D did was prevent me from being absorbed into Middle-earth. IMAX used to mean huge screens; now IMAX means nothing.

I wear glasses so having an additional set of Real3D glasses was at best uncomfortable. In normal movies all the 3D magic happens in my head. With 3D movies it is force fed into my eyes and that’s what happened with The Hobbit. And I didn’t like it.

I plan to watch The Hobbit two more times in 3D HFR (48fps) and 2D, at a different theater with big screens. I want to love the movie, but so far I’m disappointed.

Update 2013.01.03: Yesterday I watched the 3D HFR version of The Hobbit at Cupertino Square 16, on a much larger screen. The experience was as if Peter Jackson had made a docudrama. Two thumbs down.

Update 2013.01.08: Raphaëlle Rérolle, Le Monde / Worldcrunch:

Invited to meet Peter Jackson, the Tolkien family preferred not to. Why? “They eviscerated the book by making it an action movie for young people aged 15 to 25,” Christopher says regretfully. “And it seems that The Hobbit will be the same kind of film.”