4K LCD TVs Expected to Outpace OLED TV Shipments

Paul Gagnon, Director for Global TV Research at NPD DisplaySearch:

OLED TV was prominently featured during the previous two CES shows as the next-generation TV display technology, but the lack of market launch so far has caused several set makers to start emphasizing 4K×2K resolution TVs for premium market segments.

Only LG and Samsung have publicly announced 55-inch OLED TVs and LG recently started taking pre-orders for its 55EM9700. Panasonic, Sharp, Sony, Vizio, etc. don’t have large OLED display manufacturing capability at the moment and will need to procure from either LG or Samsung if they want to start shipping in 2013. But I have a feeling both will use 100% of their supplies to feed their own branded TVs. Panasonic and Sony are not sitting still; they agreed to collaborate on OLED TVs and is expected to ship OLED TVs in 2014. But for now if you’re not LG or Samsung what options are there? 4K LCD TV. This battle will be fun to watch, until OLED gets to 4K.

Update 2013.01.06: David Pierce, The Verge:

At a small (for CES, anyway) event at the Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas, Toshiba has just taken the wraps off its TV lineup for 2013. It’s headlined by the L9300 series of 4K TVs, which will be available in 58, 65, and 84 inches.

4K, but no OLED.