Microsoft Surface Pro

Tom Warren, The Verge:

Final production units are arriving with around 6-7GB of additional space, bringing the total up to 30GB on the 64GB model.

Used to be you’d only get 24GB when you bought the 64GB Surface Pro; now you get up to 30GB. Yay.

Update 2013.01.07: Anand Lai Shimpi, AnandTech:

The higher res display just makes everything sharper in the modern UI, and the 150% DPI scaling in desktop mode makes everything big enough where the higher res isn’t a problem there. It’s only in those desktop applications that don’t properly implement Windows DPI scaling where the higher resolution is a hindrance. I actually ran into this problem using Chrome on the desktop, where my taps wouldn’t always map to the right parts of the application (not to mention that Chrome in DPI scaled Windows looks terrible).

A good experience this is not. There’s more. Peter Bright, Ars Technica:

This different scaling factor has the same repercussion for webpages as the Metro scaling factor, and also means that pages look slightly different depending on whether you’re looking at them in desktop Internet Explorer or Metro Internet Explorer. It’s yet another way in which the Windows 8 experience feels disjointed.

You don’t see the same thing between the desktop version of IE and the Metro version?

On the RT, this screenshot is crisp and accurate. On the Pro it isn’t; it’s blurry. This is particularly acute for the green “https” text; in real life, it looks almost smudged. That’s unavoidable when scaling by non-integers.

Smudged text, unavoidable when scaled.